Methodology objectives

The aim of the methodology is to present an interconnected system for developing geoinformation skills in teaching at primary and secondary schools through geoinformation technologies (GIT). The basic geoinformation technologies include the geographic information system (GIS), remote sensing (RS) and the global navigation satellite system (GNSS) (for more details, see Chapter 1.2).

The constituent aims are:

The methodology is intended for:

How to read the methodology?

People who read the methodology may be at different levels in terms of GIT knowledge and their acquired geoinformation skills, and they may also have different interests in the issue. Therefore, a brief overview of the content of the chapters is given below, which will make it easier for readers to navigate and find a chapter that best suits their interest and state of advancement.

Chapter 1: Intended for inexperienced GIT users. It acquaints the reader with the basic concepts.

Chapter 2: Explains what geoinformation skills are and outlines the possibilities of incorporating GIT teaching into the curriculum.

Chapter 3: Designed for inexperienced GIT users. It introduces the specifics of using GIT (its tools and applications, and also benefits and barriers).

Chapter 4: The key chapter of the methodology. It introduces the principles of using GIT in teaching, provides teachers with instructions on how to proceed if they want to introduce GIT into teaching. It presents a matrix of GI skills, for which it offers specific learning tasks.

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